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chicken breast pizza

Chicken Breast Pizza

I adore pizza, and chicken breast pizza is one of my absolutely favourite Slimming World recipes! If you manage your healthy extras and use them for the meal it can be a totally syn free meal as well as being delicious so here are the steps! Take a chicken breast and either butterfly it or […]

a diagnosis of pre-diabetes
Pre-diabetes journey

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes

Hey everyone, firstly I must apologise for my radio silence over the past few months. I started this blog with the best of intentions – I was going to lose weight by following Slimming World and document my journey. I was hoping this would keep me accountable and push me to try harder. Unfortunately, life […]

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Boredom Eating

How do you know if you are hungry or just bored? This is something I really struggle with! The great thing with Slimming World is that because there are so many free foods, you can just eat something, but even if it is a free food, it’s still calories that you are taking in which […]

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All you need to know about Body Magic

Whilst food optimising is the most important component of the Slimming World programme, Body Magic is also a key part of it. Body Magic is essentially the fitness aspect of the programme. It encourages you to slowly build up your exercise levels as your fitness improves and to track this to get rewards and certificates […]

slimming world recipes

A guide to my Slimming World Recipes

You may have noticed that some of my Slimming World recipes are very vague with the measurements! Why is this? Well, whereas with baking you can’t guestimate amounts of ingredients, with cooking, more often than not you can! Taste is everything and so I tend to hit the kitchen with a pile of ingredients and […]

syn calculator from slimming world
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Is there a Slimming World Syn Calculator?

Unfortunately, unless you are a paid Slimming World member, there is no access to a syn calculator. Some bloggers estimate that 1 syn is approximately 20 calories – however this is wildly inaccurate as it doesn’t take into consideration the makeup of the food item eg fats, sugars and so on. It is however somewhere […]

diet coke gammon

Diet Coke Gammon

Diet Coke and Gammon are two of my favourite things in the world and discovering this great recipe which combines the two has been game changing to my Slimming World journey. Iknow a lot of people who say to boil a gammon joint in normal water before cooking it through, but I never bother. I […]