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Slimming World Membership: Group or Online?

So you’ve heard everyone rave about it, and you think that Slimming World membership would work for you, but how do you know whether to start with a face to face group membership, or online membership? Here’s my rundown of the pros and cons of each to help you decide what route to take!

Group Slimming World Membership

slimming world group membership is very social


  • Having the leader explaing everything to you in person can be really helpful, especially if you’ve never tried Slimming World before.
  • The contact with the leader and other members can be really encouraging and beneficial. I’ve picked up some great recipes and tips from the groups I’ve attended.
  • The accountability of standing on the scales in front of someone can be an extra push to stick to plan. They never judge you or make you feel bad if you’ve had a bad week, but you don’t want to put yourself through that so it makes me stick to the plan better!
  • You can buy the products at the meetings such as the hi-fi bars!


  • It is a regular commitment of time, although you can attend a different meeting if you ever can’t make it.
  • Personally I found the meetings a bit samey after a while and a bit boring – it totally depends on the leader and the group though.
  • Additional travel costs might be incurred compared to doing it at home online.

Online Slimming World Membership

slimming world membership can be done online


  • Online membership can be slightly cheaper than group membership, plus you have no additional time or travel costs.
  • You can pick a day and time to weigh in that works for you.
  • The vast majority of the information is on the website and app anyway.


  • No accountability to the leader, the people doing the weighing or the group.
  • No-one to explain the membership to you when you first start.
  • No access to your leader for additional support.


I’ve outlined what I think are the key pros and cons of each type of membership as I have tried both in the past. I definitely think that face to face membership is especially beneficial the first time you try the plan, however only you can decide what is best for you and your lifestyle and routine.

Let me know which type of Slimming World membership you think is best in the comments below!


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