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Weight Watchers aka WW

So, I haven’t done as I had hoped. I’ve not had my head in the right place and I’ve struggled. This weekend Weight Watchers (now rebranded as WW) are running a sale until tomorrow and I am joining! I don’t like meetings, I always struggle with them, but my neighbour also wants to lose some […]

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Boredom Eating

How do you know if you are hungry or just bored? This is something I really struggle with! The great thing with Slimming World is that because there are so many free foods, you can just eat something, but even if it is a free food, it’s still calories that you are taking in which […]

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All you need to know about Body Magic

Whilst food optimising is the most important component of the Slimming World programme, Body Magic is also a key part of it. Body Magic is essentially the fitness aspect of the programme. It encourages you to slowly build up your exercise levels as your fitness improves and to track this to get rewards and certificates […]

syn calculator from slimming world
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Is there a Slimming World Syn Calculator?

Unfortunately, unless you are a paid Slimming World member, there is no access to a syn calculator. Some bloggers estimate that 1 syn is approximately 20 calories – however this is wildly inaccurate as it doesn’t take into consideration the makeup of the food item eg fats, sugars and so on. It is however somewhere […]