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Win a Batch Cooking Cook Book

Here at Mind Over Munching, we are passionate about meal planning and batch cooking. Not only is it a great way to plan your meals, save money, eat healthier but it allows you to get organised. You can win a copy of this great book, just enter via the Rafflecopter widget below, and one winner […]


Can you lose weight just by eating healthy?

Ultimately losing weight is a simple maths equation – if you are eating less calories than you are using then you will lose weight. Don’t forget that it’s not just about the activity you do, your body burns calories just by existing. Breathing, moving, walking and talking, everything you do during the day is burning […]

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Which VLCD diet is best?

What are VLCDs? Over the years I’ve tried most diets and weight loss plans, and have often come back to VLCDs (very low calorie diets) when I have needed a quick weight loss (usually for a particular occasion or event). The majority of VLCDs are meal replacement programmes, although some do allow some meals (mainly […]

sugar which is a cause of pre-diabetes
Pre-diabetes journey

Reversing pre-diabetes

My pre-diabetes journey After being told in late 2019 that I was prediabetic, I was devastated. I knew my diet was poor, I relied heavily on carbs and sugars in my diet, both of which are obviously not great for pre-diabetes. Looking back over previous blood test results, it had actually been picked up as […]

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Free calories from fat calculator

Several major institutions and organisations (including the British Nutrition Foundation and the World Health Organisation) recommend that no more than 30-35% of your calories come from fat (excluding alcohol). In the UK, this information is not printed as standard on food packaging, which can make it hard to figure out this value in order to […]

crispy sweet potato fries on a plate

The best crispy sweet potato fries recipe

I am obsessed with crispy sweet potato fries but was struggling to find a good recipe for them. As I have been working from home since last March due to the pandemic, I have had a lot more time to get creative and inventive in the kitchen. Frankly, sweet potatoes in any form are yummy, […]

Pre-diabetes journey

Pre-diabetes progress

I have had a fair amount of the sessions of the pre-diabetes programme now, but if I am totally honest, I am not feeling inspired. I fully understand and respect that the programme would normally be held face to face, but due to the pandemic it has changed mediums, but it is done via a […]

chicken breast pizza

Chicken Breast Pizza

I adore pizza, and chicken breast pizza is one of my absolutely favourite Slimming World recipes! If you manage your healthy extras and use them for the meal it can be a totally syn free meal as well as being delicious so here are the steps! Take a chicken breast and either butterfly it or […]

a diagnosis of pre-diabetes
Pre-diabetes journey

A diagnosis of pre-diabetes

Hey everyone, firstly I must apologise for my radio silence over the past few months. I started this blog with the best of intentions – I was going to lose weight by following Slimming World and document my journey. I was hoping this would keep me accountable and push me to try harder. Unfortunately, life […]