Free calories from fat calculator

Several major institutions and organisations (including the British Nutrition Foundation and the World Health Organisation) recommend that no more than 30-35% of your calories come from fat (excluding alcohol). In the UK, this information is not printed as standard on food packaging, which can make it hard to figure out this value in order to follow this guidance. I set about trying to understand the nutritional values of what I was eating better, and several I wanted to find a way of finding this value, quickly and easily.

In short, every gram of fat has 9 calories in it, so it is totally possible to work this figure out. It is a simple calculation, however we understand that not everyone wants to be doing sums on every item they are looking at in the supermarket or whilst out and about. You might not have the time, or perhaps you aren’t very confident with your maths and arithmetic. Whatever your reasons, in order to be about to not have to do complicated sums in the middle of the supermarket whilst doing your shopping and meal planning, here at Mind Over Munching, we’ve developed this great “calories from fat calculator” which you are welcome to use to help you meet this target.

Bear in mind that not every item you eat will be below this figure, however it is about balance. If, like us, you would find it helpful to know that figure for any item you are planning on eating, this free calculator is a great tool!

From the item you are wanting to eat, enter the total grams of fat per portion in the first box, and the total number of calories per portion in the second box. The percentage of calories from fat will automatically be shown below for you.

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