What to serve with salmon

Salmon is my absolute favourite fish, and it is so versatile. I’m often asked what I like to serve with my salmon though and I’m delighted to share some of my favourite ideas. Let me know in the comments what you like to have with your salmon too!

what to serve with salmon - a slice of salmon on a plate covered in herbs


I also adore rice, and so salmon on a bed of rice can be a really delicious but simple meal. For those on a health kick, or unable to eat white rice for other reasons, brown rice can be just as nice and filling. For when you are on the go, and looking for a meal deal for your lunch, look for salmon and rice together in sushi boxes which are available from a variety of retailers such as Boots and Tesco. They are often a much healthier option than a sandwich. You can also try making your own (I’ve done this – and it’s surprisingly easy and a lot of fun).

Jacket Potatoes

A jacket potato can be a delicious and filling option to service with your salmon. Look for a fluffy choice when doing your shopping, ideally potatoes sold as baking potatoes, or varieties such as Maris Piper or King Edwards. Whilst jacket potatoes can be done in the microwave, we would always recommend where time allows to cook them in the oven as they do tend to come out that bit fluffier and the skin that bit crispier.

When serving with salmon, add a little butter and a hint of sour cream to the jacket potato and you will have a very simple but very delicious meal.

Mixed vegetables

I personally think that salmon tastes better with green vegetables, such as peas, runner beans and spinach, however if there are other vegetables you like the taste of, include them with some green vegetables and make a big bowl of mixed vegetables to serve with your freshly cooked salmon. The great thing about vegetables are that they are super healthy and low in calories so they are perfect for healthy eating, weight loss, or the majority of any other dietary requirements you may come across – perfect for eating for one, and for when you are entertaining others.

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