What to serve with lasagne

Who doesn’t love lasasgne? It is a staple meal in my home, and I love that you can make it as healthy or as unhealthy as you like. Want to make it healthier, use lower fat cheese, add more vegetables and use low fat mince or quorn as a substitute. Not on a healthy eating kick – go wild with the pasta and cheese deliciousness. Lasagne is a great meal to bulk cook as well, either then freezing or just chilling other portions for use on another occasion. What to serve with lasagne? That is the question I am often asked though, so here are some of my favourite choices.

Garlic Bread

If this isn’t the first option you came up with when you thought about side dishes to go with your lasagne then you are a better (and definitely healthier) person than me. A traditional choice, but a popular one. Whether you prefer your garlic bread in the form of a flat bread, a baguette, toasts or even in dough balls, the bread with the cheesy and tomotoey goodness is such an unbeatable combination that I would highly recommend including garlic bread with your lasagne where you can.


Another super popular option to be served with a lasagne is a salad. The great thing about salads is that you can customise them, prefer kale or spinach to lettuce, use that, don’t like raw tomatoes, leave them out. A bowl of salad should be a big bowl of mainly greens but as long as you like what is included, then it really doesn’t matter. I particualrly enjoy grated carrot in mine – what do you like in your side salads?

Mixed vegetables

Most vegetables go really well with a lasagne, however I particular like green beans or even carrots. A side dish of mexed vegetables is a great way to bulk out your meal and lower the average calories of your dish. Choose whichever vegetables you like to ensure your dish is as delicious as it should be.

Sweet potato fries

Another unusual choice, but sweet potato fries really work with lasagne. We make our own but you can also buy them frozen or chilled just to go in the oven.

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