Boredom Eating

How do you know if you are hungry or just bored? This is something I really struggle with! The great thing with Slimming World is that because there are so many free foods, you can just eat something, but even if it is a free food, it’s still calories that you are taking in which you might not need to. Here are my top tips to try and workout whether you are really hungry or whether it’s boredom eating!

Drink a glass of water before you eat anything. Drinking a glass of water will help fill you up. If half an hour later you still feel the same, it’s possible that you really were hungry. This time delay also allows you to be distracted.

Eating can be something we do to pass the time, so try and distract yourself. This can be anything and everything that takes your fancy. Maybe go for a walk, do a puzzle, read a book or phone a friend. Obviously you might have less options if you are at work, but find a task that perhaps you’ve been putting off, or if work is quiet, ask a colleague if there’s anything you can do to help them out.

boredom eating can be prevented by reading a book

Brushing your teeth can also be a great way of preventing boredom eating. Not only are you distracting yourself, getting up and moving, but no-one likes to eat right after brushing their teeth anyway because everything tastes funny! It’s a win win!

Another way to distract yourself, and to keep your mouth busy, is to chew gum. The chewing sensation and that of putting something in your mouth can be all you really need. Plus, the same horrible after taste will probably prevent you from eating after anyway!

chewing gum can help with boredom eating

If you think you might be eating from boredom, just remember to eat free (and ideally speed) foods. Getting up and preparing a syn free snack won’t be the worst use of your time – something like chopping vegetables, rather than just grabbing something from the cupboard ideally.

What are your top tips to prevent boredom eating? Let us know in the comments below!



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