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Weight Watchers aka WW

So, I haven’t done as I had hoped. I’ve not had my head in the right place and I’ve struggled. This weekend Weight Watchers (now rebranded as WW) are running a sale until tomorrow and I am joining! I don’t like meetings, I always struggle with them, but my neighbour also wants to lose some weight so we are going to do it together!

We will get together tomorrow evening and weigh in and join up online with Weight Watchers! We will then message each other when we are struggling and weigh in together every Monday night! The timing is right as I really need to do something, and as they have a sale on – it’s a win win!

I was adamant I was going to stick to Slimming World, but I feel like as I know the programme so well I have become complacent about it and can’t seem to focus. Trying a new plan where I will need to concentrate and focus and learn a new plan without distraction will be great for me. I’m also working on building up my activity and step count.

In my last job I was so sedentary I struggled to get more than 3000 steps a day.  Last week I smashed 5000 a day, but I know a big part of this is because I was having an induction in my new job and visiting all the sites. I don’t want to go below 5000 again, so last night I went for a walk to get my step count up. I know in the grand scheme of things 5000 steps isn’t great, but I’d rather aim to do 5000 a day for a couple of weeks and build it up than set myself up for failure by saying I will go straight up to 10000 in one go!

Let’s do this!

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